Friday, January 01, 2010

Maxine RIP

Most people who know me will have met Maxine (sometimes known as Lex) over the last eight years or so. Sadly Maxine fell ill with brain cancer at the end of 2008 and had a tumour removed just before Christmas of that year. She struggled against her illness throughout 2009 but tragically passed away on December 27th leaving a nine year old son.
Although much younger than me, Maxine loved much of the same music that I love and she came with me to Louisiana twice and also to Porretta a couple of times and various gigs in London.
I haven't published many photos of her on the blog, but as a tribute to a beautiful and remarkable lady I have selected some music related pictures from the last few years. First, here's a photo of Irma Thomas, Maxine and me at Porretta, 2006. Maxine loved Irma's music.
And here's Maxine with Art Neville following the Neville Brothers' performance at Porretta in the same year.
Maxine came to New Orleans Jazzfest with me several times and here's a photo of her in 2007.
That year we joined up with the Stompin' US group sveral times, including the alligator trip down in the Louisiana bayous.
Here's a photo of Maxine and me at the Porretta Soul Festival in 2007.
Here she is with Austin Delone and Jimmy McCracklin.
We had a great time on the Stompin' USA trip of 2008. Here's a group picture taken at Tutwiler, where W C Handy apparently discovered the blues and close to where Sonny Boy Williamson is buried.
One of the highlights was a visit to Dick Waterman's house in Oxford, Mississippi, where we all listened intently to his fund of stories about music greats through the years. Here's Max with Dick.
And here's a photo of her at a rain soaked Jazzfest.
The Ponderosa Stomp was brilliant that year, as ever. Here's a photo of Maxine with Ralph 'Soul' Jackson.
Finally, here's a photo of Maxine and me on our last overseas trip together, to San Francisco in October 2008. It's taken on the ferry that goes across the bay to Alcatraz.


At 8:46 pm , Blogger Nick said...

I still miss her. 4.5.16


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