Monday, November 22, 2010

Roger Dean's Views

One of the few (perhaps the only) good things about prog rock in the early 70s were the album covers of Roger Dean. They graced LPs by Yes, famously, but also albums by Atomic Rooster, Magna Carta, Gentle Giant, Osibisa, Pete Dello and Friends and Uriah Heep among others. I mention Roger's exotic illustrations because I've just sold a 1970s book of his work (views) on Ebay. This prompted me to take a closer look at his work, which is wonderfully fantastical. Here are a few of his album covers.


At 2:20 pm , Blogger Groovey3 said...

Hello. After reading up on things, I see we were both at the Pondy Stomp this year. To let you know, I have 45s of artists you showcased in your writeups. Getting ready to list them for sale. If you'd be interested in purchasing, contact me at Examples are: Barb. Lynn, Shondelles (LaLou label), Ray Agee, Jimmy Johnson, etc. Many have original matching sleeves. Thank you. CSS

At 3:04 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not being a fan of Yes or the other bands he illustrated, I have none of the albums for which Roger did the cover pictures. I do, however, have his 1975 book "Views" which contains many of those illustrations.

At 7:27 pm , Blogger DizzyMamma said...

My parents had probably the same book of his artwork when I was growing up. My dad had the artwork of The Magician's Birthday spraypainted on a sidecar which I rode in as a small child. I loved the book, which I think was sadly lost in one of their moves. I think it set the tone for my appreciation of 'fantasy' or unusual art.

At 5:36 am , Anonymous Vinyl Word Art said...

You're right tho, this version is much like the one they put on Follow the Lights - but not the exact same cut. i prefer this slowed down one much more - and without the big band behind him, the opening note bend cuts right through you.

At 11:45 am , Anonymous Vinyl Word Art said...

Its really amazing Vinyl Word Art


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