Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rockin' in Crondall

I checked out my local rock and roll club at Crondall Village Hall, Hampshire, last night. The place was packed and it's clear the local rock and roll scene is thriving. The live act was The Caezars, a young four piece band with stacks of energy who play raw rock and roll with no frills but plenty of enthusiasm. They are launching their new CD 'Shake Down' at the Luminaire next week and clearly have potential. Not your typical rockabilly band for sure, with a garage sound, but worth a listen. Here's their promo on YouTube
Great documentary on Sister Rosetta Tharpe on BBC4 the other night. The Godmother of Rock and Roll, and dedicedly non spiritual at times in her life. What a bizarre gig that was with her playing in the rain at the disused Chorlton cum Hardy railway station. Great TV.

Worrying news about a couple of the all time greats. Etta James has been diagnosed with leukemia and dementia And Chuck Berry cancelled his latest tour because of exhaustion The Vinyl Word wishes them both well.


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