Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good news about Porretta

First news of the line up at this year's Porretta Soul Festival - and it looks pretty good. The names so far are Spencer Wiggins, Percy Wiggins, William Bell, Harvey Scales and a Tribute To King Curtis. The Wiggins brothers were the stars two years ago of probably the best ever Porretta. William Bell is a huge figure in sixties soul and always good to watch. I have never seen Harvey Scales, but he had a great Wilson Pickett style soul record on Atlantic in the UK with Get Down, backed with Love-Itis. So it's looking good, and I think I will probably go. There's been no announcement on the Porretta website yet, but there's a message on Facebook. The photo shows Spencer, Percy and me in 2009.
Update: the line up looks even better now - as well as the above there's also Swamp Dogg, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Toni Green and Chick Rodgers.
No news at all officially on the Ponderosa Stomp yet - not even the dates, which makes life difficult for Brits planning a US trip. Get your finger out Dr Ike!


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