Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vinyl finds of the year

As regular readers will know, I spend a lot of time hunting for rare vinyl at car boot sales and charity shops. 2011 was a fairly good year, with quite a few potentially valuable records turning up. Here are my top six LPs by value (according to the Rare Record Guide). Not many of them would be in my top 20 in terms of their music, but my taste clearly isn't shared by others.
1. Locomotive - We Are Everything You See. LP released in 1970 on Parlophone PCS 7093. Mint value - £375.
Birmingham band Locomotive started life in the mid 60s as a pop outfit and released ska flavoured 45s including versions of Rudy A Message To You and Rudy's in Love. In 1969 they changed direction with a psychedelic single called Mr Armageddon written by vocalist and keyboardist Norman Haines. The following year they released this hard to find psychedelic/jazz flavoured LP which basically sank without trace at the time.
2. The Gods - To Samuel A Son. LP released in 1969 on Columbia SCX 6372. Mint value - £250.
This was the second progressive rock album by a band who succeeded the Rolling Stones at The Marquee and whose early members included future Stone Mick Taylor, and Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake, later with Uriah Heep. After this LP they signed with a new record company, recruited Rebel Rousers singer Cliff Bennett and changed their name to Toe Fat.

3. Rolling Stones - Out Of Our Heads (export copy). LP released in 1965 on Decca LK 4725. Mint value - £170.

This is the third Stones LP in the UK and appears quite often at boot sales. But this is the export version with a different track listing which includes their big hits The Last Time and Satisfaction. I found a couple of other original collectable 60s Stones LPs in excellent condition during the year.

4. Conway Twitty - Lonely Blue Boy. LP released in 1960 on MGM C 829. Mint value - £100.

This was Twitty's third LP with tracks including Just Because and Heartbreak Hotel as well as the title track. I found another Twitty LP - R and B (worth £70) - at the same time.

5. Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - Rhythm and Blues At The Flamingo. LP released in 1964 on Columbia 33SX 1599. Mint value - £100.

Excellent first LP bringing back memories of those great days at Soho's Flamingo club, this album includes 10 covers of R and B songs, including Night Train, You Can't Sit Down and Shop Around. None of them quite match the originals, but there is plenty of excitement on show.
6. Wailin' Howie Casey and the Seniors - Twist At The Top. LP released in 1962 on Fontana TFL 5180. Mint value - £90.

This LP has some damage to the front sleeve but it's quite a rarity. Saxman Howie played at the 2Is coffee bar and in Hamburg and his band was the first Liverpool group to have an LP released. This features some vocals by Freddy Fowell (better known as Freddie Starr) and includes a selection of rock and roll twist numbers. Howie is still going strong, playing alongside Roy Young, as Woodies will know well.


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