Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top ten 45s - the Action label

Here's the latest record label in my Vinyl Obscurities series.

Action is one of the most collectable UK record labels of the late 60s, releasing soul and blues classics from Duke, Peacock, Backbeat and Kent, among others. Launched by John Abbey, it replaced the UK Sue label and was distributed by Island. In its two year life Action issued 57 singles and 12 LPs. Here are the top ten Action 45s in my collection.

1. Wilmer and the Dukes - Give Me One More Chance. ACT 4500 Up tempo number by New York R & B band, recorded for Aphrodisiac.
2. Minnie Epperson - Grab Your Clothes (And Get On Out). Willie Mitchell production for Peacock. ACT 4503
3. Buddy Ace - Got To Get Myself Together. ACT 4504 Another Willie Mitchell production - this time for Duke.
4. O V Wright - Oh Baby Mine. ACT 4505 Yet another Willie Mitchell production - for Backbeat.
5. Harmonica Fats - Tore Up. ACT 4507 Darcey recording - first issued in the UK on Stateside.
6. Ernie K-Doe - Gotta Pack My Bags. 4512 Produced by Henry Boozier for Duke.
7. Eddie 'Buster' Forehand - Young Boy Blues. ACT 4519 Written by Phil Spector, produced by Herb Bernstein and Mickey Elshner for Josie. Also known as Little Buster.
8. Z Z Hill - Make Me Yours. ACT 4532 Originally recorded (and written) by Bettye Swann.  Recorded for Kent.
9. Bobby Marchan - Ain't No Reason For Girls To be Lonely. ACT 4533 Written and produced by Gamble and Huff. Bobby was a New Orleans favourite.
10. Wash Hopson Singers - He's Got A Blessing - ACT 4546. Gospel.


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