Saturday, July 07, 2012

7/7 remembered

I'm surprised not to have seen more coverage of the seventh anniversary today of 7/7, especially with the Olympics just around the corner. The day before, I was in Trafalgar Square with thousands of others when the Olympics decision was announced, to great excitement. It may have been pure chance that I didn't get caught up in the bombings, as I changed from a Piccadilly train at Finsbury Park onto the Victoria Line just before the bomb hit a southbound Piccadilly Line train near Kings Cross. I was working at the Department of Health in Whitehall at the time and got off at Westminster as all hell was breaking loose. With no buses or tubes running I got home by a roundabout route involving a river boat to Canary Wharf.
Let's hope that the Olympics take place peacefully and there is no repeat of those terrible events.


At 11:28 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

to quote a well known song....."I second that emotion"
Gordon F


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