Thursday, August 23, 2012

Instrumentals on Ebay

Guitar instrumentals were big in the early sixties. First there was Duane Eddy, and then the Shadows, the Ventures and the Fireballs, as well as solo guitarists such as Bert Weedon and Rhet Stoller. It seems that Sweden was a happy hunting ground for guitar groups at the time, with bands like the Spotnicks and the Shanes having hits around Europe.
I bought several guitar-led LPs yesterday, some of which I have put on Ebay because, to be honest, I find them just a tad samey. Here are some of them (feel free to bid - soulboy1946 is the name):
1. Rhet Stoller - The Incredible Rhet Stoller. Released on the Coronet label.
Rhet Stoller started off on Decca with 45s such as Ventures cover Walk Don't Run and Chariot, but later turned up on obscure UK labels such as Windsor (I have a copy of Ricochet on that label) and Coronet. All the tracks on this 1967 LP are composed, arranged. played and recorded by Rhet (as the cover states).
2. The Spotnicks - The Spotnicks in Spain. Released on Oriole.
This Swedish instrumental group had a string of singles released on Oriole, plus two EPs and 3 LPs, but that's just a fraction of their recorded output. Although bigger elsewhere in the world, they made the UK Top 30 in 1962 with Orange Blossom Special.
3. The Ventures- The Ventures. Released in 1960 on London.
In many ways, the Ventures were the biggest instrumental group of all with hits like Walk Don't Run and Perfidia in the UK and dozens of single and LP hits around the world, especially in Japan, where they were mega stars. This was their first UK LP.
4.  The Shanes - Strictly Instrumental. Swedish Triola label.
The Shanes were huge in Sweden in the mid 1960s and many of their records were guitar based instrumentals. Their one UK release was the vocal I Don't Want Your Love on Columbia (a copy of which I have), which is worth around £70. Not sure when this particular LP was released, but it's available if anyone is interested.


At 9:00 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you didn't know already, Rhet Stoller wrote the Match of the Day theme music.
Gordon F


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