Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sam Cooke finds

It's Sam Cooke week! Well, it's always Sam Cooke week really, as he remains my all time favourite singer and I've got most of his UK releases, both singles and LPs. But this week in the space of a few days I've picked up two of his LPs that I didn't previously own, both in excellent condition and both at knock down prices.
The first one was The Soul Stirrers featuring Sam Cooke, which came out on London in 1964 and is now valued at £90. I found it on a market stall in Porretta and paid 15 Euros for it.
The second one was Try A Little Love, Sam's last classic RCA Victor LP which came out posthumously in 1965 and is now valued at £40. I found it in a charity shop and that one cost me £2.99. A good couple of finds I think.


At 10:32 am , Anonymous Pete W said...

Interesting that the cover pic of the London LP "featuring Sam Cooke" actually shows the Soul Stirrers line-up with Johnnie Taylor!

At 6:05 pm , Anonymous harry said...

hi nick any phots of david in the irish bar for david who runs the bar let me know

At 10:42 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw the Sam cooke finds and thought 'You lucky git'!
John S


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