Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Bloody Sandy

Well it had to happen I suppose: the chaos caused by Hurricane Sandy has persuaded me to cancel my Long Island trip for the doowop festival which, as I write, may or may not take place. This is the second overseas trip in succession that I've been denied after buying the plane ticket: last month I was due to fly to Madrid from Manchester but got stuck in a three hour tailback on the A34 and couldn't get there. Hopefully 2013 will bring me better luck.
Anyway, the last blog on doowop favourites attracted quite a bit of interest and various top tens by blog readers. Gordon has now suggested a weather related top ten, as follows:
MARQUEES The Rain (Grand)
PLATTERS - Washed Ashore (Musicor)
NOLAN STRONG & DIABLOS  The Wind (Fortune) (pictured below)
JESTERS The Wind (Winley)
INTERVALS Here's That Rainy Day (Class)
INSPIRATIONS Raindrops (Apollo)
5 BARS Stormy Weather (Money)
FIVE SHARPS Stormy Weather (Jubilee)
PRISONAIRES Just Walking In The Rain (Sun)
TRUE-TONES Whirlwind (DC)
To these I would like to add some water related titles of my own (not necessarily doowop):
FATS DOMINO It Keeps Raining (Imperial)
DEE CLARK - Raindrops (Vee-Jay)
JAMES CARR - Pouring Water On A Drowning Man (Goldwax)
RAY CHARLES - Drown In My Own Tears (Atlantic)
IRMA THOMAS - It's Raining (Minit)
ELVIS PRESLEY -Kentucky Rain (RCA)
EVERLY BROTHERS - Crying In The Rain (Warner)
CASCADES - Rhythm Of The Rain (Warner)
SAMMY TURNER - Raincoat In The River (Big Top)
And not forgetting, of course,


At 8:32 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Bill Haynes suggests this blog post should be called:
They Call it Stormy Monday.

At 5:54 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last choice would never have occured to me. Nice one!
Gordon F

At 8:25 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of doo-wopping; I would invite you to the Linda Gail Lewis gig - but that seems to have fallen on it's arse too...

I think we are the Jonah's of the music world this weekend!
John S

At 6:30 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Bill Haynes suggested:
Stormy Monday BB King
Let the 4 Winds Blow Fats Domino
Raining in my heart Buddy Holly
Whirlwind Charlie Rich
Splish Splash Bobby Darin


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