Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mary Love lays her burden down

Another soul star has moved on  - this time soul and gospel singer Mary Love, aged 69. Discovered
by Sam Cooke's manager, J W Alexander, she recorded You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet for Modern in 1965, the UK King version of which is a highly collectable Northern soul 45. Lay My Burden Down on Stateside is also hugely collectable. After several years in the shadows she re-emerged as the gospel singer Mary Love Comer, but in the 90s she began to perform her soul numbers again. I have great memories of seeing her at the Jazz Cafe in 2000 (pictured
above) and at the Kent Records Anniversary show at The Forum in 2007.


At 11:16 pm , Blogger john marriott said...

Very sad. I too saw her at those shows plus Northern dates she did. She really was lovely to chat to also. At Prestayn a few years ago I was talking to her and Louvain Demps of the Andantes along with a young member of the Hesitations backing band who didn't know their history but became starstruck when I mentioned that Louvain had backed up loads of the famous Motown acts etc he will have heard of. He started naming names - Marvin Ggaye etc etc and she said was saying yes she all backed them. He then mentioned his favourite singer Sam Cooke to which Louvain said no. Mary piped up very quietly how she had and related the story of how she sung those tracks for Sar with him. He was gobsmacked. Magic moment.


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