Thursday, October 17, 2013

More photos from New Orleans

Here are some more pictures taken during the New Orleans leg of my trip. First, here's the Soul Queen of New Orleans, Irma Thomas,  performing in Lafayette Square.
During her show some guy in the audience asked Irma to officiate as he proposed to his girlfriend.
Here are some photos from the Ponderosa Stomp conference sessions. Firstly, Charles Brimmer and Richard Caiton.

 Here are Baby Washington and Maxine Brown.
 This is Charlie Gracie.
Here is Eddie Daniels.
And Kent 'Boogaloo' Harris.
 Chris Montez.
 Next, some pictures from the Lil' Band of Gold gig at DBA. L-R David Egan, C C Adcock, Steve Riley, Pat Breaux and Dickie Landry. Jockey Etienne is on drums.
 Here is Steve Riley.
 C C Adcock.
 David Egan.
 Special guest Tommy McClain.
 Finally here's one of me outside the Rock 'n' Bowl where the Stomp took place.
Photos by Nick Cobban.


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