Sunday, December 29, 2013

LP finds of the year

It hasn't been a vintage years for LP record finds at car boot sales and charity shops, but I've found a fair number over the last 12 months, some of which have been fairly valuable. Many of these I have sold on Ebay but I've kept quite a few. These are the top seven in terms of value, according to the Rare Record Guide.
1. Fairfield Parlour - From Home To Home. Released in 1970 on Vertigo. Mint value - £350.
I bought this one from a chap who had quite a large record collection, most of which were early 70s prog rock. This was the pick of the bunch by the successor band to Kaleidoscope.
2. The Champ - The Mohawks. Pama PMLP 5. Mint value £200.
This was one of nine reggae and rocksteady LPs that I bought at a car boot sale. Actually this one isn't reggae at all, despite being on the predominantly reggae Pama label, It's British soul/funk - not particularly good, but highly collectable. The band's leader The Hawk was organist Alan Hawkshaw, one time member of Emile Ford's Checkmates.
3. Crab's Biggest Hits Vol 1. Pama ECO 2. Mint value £100.
Crab, launched in 1968, was one of many Pama labels and featured recordings by various Jamaican and UK producers. Artists featured on this 'Best of' were Ernest Wilson, G G Grossett. the Ethiopians, the Versatiles, Derrick Morgan, the Viceroys, Val Bennet and the Tartans. This was another of the nine LPs mentioned above.
4.  The Kinks Live At Kelvin Hall. Pye NPL 18191. Mint value £100.
During the year I bought a great batch of 45s from a lady who I met at a car boot sale who I badgered until she let me into her garage! Most of them were on Pye related labels but one was Jim Dandy by Lavern Baker, which lists at a cool £350! Another visit six months later resulted in me obtaining several decent LPs, including this live one by The Kinks released in 1967.
5. Tommy Sands - Sands Storm. Released in 1958 on Capitol. Mint value - £80.
This was another LP from the same batch as Fairfield Parlour and is an excellent rock and roll LP from 1959.
6. The Lively Ones - Surf Drums. LP released on London in 1963. Mint value £70.
In August I picked up some great surf LPs including half a dozen by The Ventures, one by the California version of the Tornadoes and another by the Surfaris. This obscure UK surf instrumental LP on London was among them.
7. Tony Orlando - Bless You & 11 Other Great Hits. LP released in 1961 on Fontana in 1961. Mint value £60.
I make no apologies for saying that Tony's versions of Halfway To Paradise and I'd Never Find Another You are at least as good as Billy Fury's and what's more they predated his. He was only 16 when he recorded these tracks, which also included Bless You and Happy Times, and all the songs are excellent - not surprising, given that seven of them were written by Goffin and King. I found this comparative rarity in a chariry shop in Reading.


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