Friday, May 02, 2014

VLV photos - part two

Here are some more photos from Viva Las Vegas, beginning with a selection of acts from the Car Show day at the festival.
This is Tony Anderson , lead guitarist of the Trashmen, who I much enjoyed. They were joined onstage by Deke Dickerson, who has produced their first album in many years.
The Rockats provided some decent rockabilly and this is their bass player.
Highlight of the day - indeed the whole trip -was Lloyd Price, who showed that he is still a great performer.
Star billing for VLV went to Hampshire resident Imelda May, who seems to be a bigger draw in the US than the UK.
On the Lanark stage, here is Tim Polecat, who provided some authentic UK rockabilly.

He was followed on stage by rockabilly revivalist Robert Gordon.
 Last outdoor act was surf guitar band Los Straitjackets.
 The Jive Aces were a real eye opener for me - excellent. Here's lead singer Ian Clarkson.
There was some teddy boy rock from Crazy Cavan.
Here's Ian Clarkson on stage with Don Hill, original sax man with the Treniers.
On now to the four Sun rockabilly stars who played on the final night. Here is Narvel Felts.
This is Carl Mann.
Here is Sonny Burgess.
And finally Hayden Thompson.
 Photos by Nick Cobban.


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