Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Brits (and Aussies) on tour

There were several groups of blues-loving Brits (and Aussies) touring around the US on my recent trip but I haven't put any group photos on the blog, my friend Ronnie Cook from Edinburgh has pointed out.
So to rectify this, here are some pix taken at various stages of the tour, beginning with one taken at the Carrollton Station bar in New Orleans towards the end of the trip. Pictured are (left to right) Nick Cobban, Ronnie Cook, Dave Thomas (from Shrewsbury), Dave Carroll and Julie Thomas.
Here are Alan Lloyd (originally from Brisbane), his brother Ken Lloyd (now living in Newcastle, New South Wales), Ken Wood (from Northern Ireland) and Ian Turnbull (from Biggleswade) at the King Biscuit Festival.
Also at the festival, here are Nick Cobban, Alan Lloyd and Dave Carroll.
This is Nick Cobban and Dave Carroll at Red's in Clarksdale.
Here are Dave Carroll, Ken Lloyd, Ian Turnbull, Alan Lloyd and Ken Wood in front of the crossroads sign (highways 61 and 49) in Clarksdale, where Robert Johnson reputedly sold his soul to the devil.
Here are Dave Carroll and Ken Lloyd at Hal and Mal's in Jackson.
Finally, here are Dave Carroll, Jay McCaddin (from Mobile, Alabama) and Nick Cobban at Ocean Springs on the Gulf Coast.


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