Thursday, April 23, 2015

Taste of southern soul in Las Vegas

There's more to Las Vegas than gambling and flashy shows on the Strip. There is also a thriving soul and blues scene, although it seems that not many visitors get to experience it. On the Monday following Viva Las Vegas we went to two clubs where southern soul and blues was definitely the order of the day, and saw some great talent. Here are a few photos from the City Lights club. Thanks to Noah Schaffer for giving us the info.
Regular act at the club is Bobby Jones, who sings very much in the style of B B King. He was celebrating 55 years in the music business and there were several guest singers in the house.
The most impressive of these was Monique Brewster, who has a brilliant soul voice and is an exciting performer.
Also excellent was Patrice Moncel, a cousin of Tyrone Davis.
Another impressive blues singer at the club was Lady Brandy.
This is Marion Williams, who has a really powerful voice.
Very much in the James Brown mould - and very impressive - this is Willie Ray.
Here are a couple of me with some of the artists.On the left (top photo) is legendary blues piano player Leon Blue.
After the City Lights we went on to the CEO Hookah Lounge where Walter Waiters, cousin of Mel Waiters, was performing a solo spot with just a keyboard and backing tape - and doing it well.


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