Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More Route 66 pix

And finally, here are a few more photos from our Route 66 road trip, beginning with a mural in Pontiac, Illinois.
There are lots of giant objects along the route - this is John Bunyan with a giant hot dog in Illinois.
The Gateway Arch in St Louis.
Giant rocking chair in Fanning, Missouri.
'Cars' movie stars at the Kanotex gas station in Galena, Kansas.
The Rainbow Bridge in Riverhead, Kansas.
There was no one to be seen when we visited downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Old 4-8-4 locomotive near Tulsa.
Route 66 map in the museum in Clinton, Oklahoma.
Roger Miller museum in nearby Erick.
In Harley's shop of curiosity in Erick, here are my travelling companions, John Howard, Jonathan Batten and Alan Lloyd.
Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas.
Route 66 Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico.
Mural, with John feeding a horse in Tucumcari.
Native American crafts for sale in Santa Fe.
El Rancho hotel in Gallup, once the haunt of Hollywood movie stars.
The Painted Desert, Arizona.
Giant petrified tree trunks in the Petrified Forest, Arizona.
Mountains outside Flagstaff.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Viva Las Vegas photos

Finally, to round off our US road trip, here is a selection of photos from Viva Las Vegas.
This is Texas Steve, the first act we caught. Fairly average, I would give him 4/10.
Playing with him was T J Mayes who improved things. 6/10
This is the Rip 'Em Ups, a band from LA. Created excitement, 8/10.
Next up, here are the Planet Rockers from Nashville. Pretty good. 7/10
This is the UK's very own Graham Fenton, formerly of Matchbox. Only 4/10.
And here we have rockabilly singer Kim Lenz. A little disappointing, 6/10
This is Lance Lipinski, showing he can play guitar as well as Jerry Lee Lewis style piano. 8/10.
Kicking off the Stars of Rockabilly segment, this is Jack Baymoore. OK 5/10.
Sun recording artists Alton (Lott) and Jimmy (Harrell). Worth a listen - 7/10.
Another Sun artist, this is Sonny Burgess. Still on form - 8/10
Larry Collins, once of the Collins Kids, alongside Deke Dickerson. Excellent guitarist- 9/10.
Another UK act, here's Si Cranstoun. Reliable: 8/10.
Playing sax alongside Si was Alex Bland, a regular with the Tales From The Woods band.
Appearing at the Car Show, this is James Intveld. Average - 6/10.
Formerly of the Stray Cats, this is Lee Rocker. Quite enjoyable - 7/10.
Headlining at the Car Show was Little Miss Dynamite, Brenda Lee. A legend but disappointing - 5/10.
This is the Rev Horton Heat. Predictable - 4/10.
Here's the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. Very good - 9/10.
This is Freddie 'Boom Boom' Cannon. Exciting stuff - 8/10.
Freddie was backed by Los Straitjackets.
Here is Australian Pat Capocci.
Veteran mandolin player Scotty Broyles.
Putting on a sparkling show, this is Vicky Tafoya. Excellent - 10/10.
Michael Hurtt and the Haunted Hearts. OK - 7/10.
This is Gene Summers. Not bad but a tad disappointing- 6/10.
In the doowop segment, this is Otis Williams (and the Charms). Great to see them - 8/10.
A regular visitor to the UK, here's Charlie Gracie. Reliable as ever - 7/10.
These are the Cleftones. Enjoyable - 8/10.
From the UK, these are the Extraordinaires. Energetic stuff - 8/10.
Finally, appearing at the Champagnes bar, here's Walter Waiters with me.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Chicago and Route 66 photos

Here are some more music related photos from our recent US road trip, most of them from our stay in Chicago and from the journey along The Mother Road, Route 66. First, though, here are a couple from a show we went to in Riverhead, Long Island. This is the former frontman of the McCoys Rick Derringer.
Appearing with him was G E Smith, former guitarist with Hall and Oates.
On to Chicago and this is Mz Peaches at Buddy Guy's Legends club.
Here is Demetria Taylor at Blue Chicago.
88 year old bluesman Jimmy Johnson at Buddy Guy's Legends.
Chess Studios in Chicago is now home to the Willie Dixon Foundation.
The start of our Route 66 odyssey in Chicago.
Record label mural in Pontiac, Illinois, on Route 66.
Chuck Berry's statue in St Louis was festooned with tributes to the great man following his death.
This is Big George Brock at B B's Jazz, Blues and Soups in St Louis. Lower photo shows him with Freddie Dixon, son of Willie.
We passed through Branson, Missouri, which struck us as a down market Las Vegas with nothing but tribute bands performing.
Mojo's Blues Club in Oklahoma City.
We were treated to a performance of Route 66 by Harley, owner of the Sand Hills curiosity shop in Erick, Oklahoma.
Standing On The Corner in Winslow, Arizona: statue to The Eagles commemorating the line in 'Take It Easy'.