Sunday, July 30, 2006

Top of the Pops fades into the sunset

I watched the final TOTP this evening. Although well past its sell by date, it had its uses, if only as an easy way of keeping a casual eye on the charts on terrestrial TV. I don't fancy sitting in front of MTV and the like very often, but I could manage TOTP now and then. Even if 90 per cent of the stuff on it is rubbish these days the occasional bit of class (eg Gnarls Barklay's Crazy) made it worthwhile now and again.
Still I won't miss it much if at all. The amusing if ludicrous dance troupes are already a thing of distant memory. It was interesting to see a parade of DJs from over the years, including naturally the venerable Jimmy Saville, who introduced the very first programme. Who else was a member of his Teen and Twenty Disc Club on Radio Luxembourg back in 1960? I think I still have my membership card somewhere. Maybe they should include it on Friends Reunited, although I don't think I actually knew any other members.
And so TOTP has gone, killed by the new online nature of the music industry, and with it pop music as we knew it. No more singles, LPs or EPs on familiar labels. In their place downloads from who knows where. Give me vinyl every time.


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