Saturday, July 08, 2006

Top ten titbits

Here, for a change, is some background on some of the records that made it into my personal top ten 1960-1965 (see next item in the blog).
#2 1960: Wonderful World - Sam Cooke. This was my top scoring record through the whole six years that I kept a top ten yet amazingly it only got to number 30 in the UK chart at the time. It's since become a classic of course, having been a huge hit when used on a Levi's ad in 1986. Still sounds brilliant today.
#3 1960: Love You So - Ron Holden. Amazingly atmospheric 45 that failed to dent the UK charts. I didn't realise until some time later that it also had a fantastic rocking B-side - My Babe.
#4 1960: Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison. This great record entered my top ten on this date in 1960 but it proved impossible to actually buy a copy until nearly two months later, despite weekly visits to my local record shop. Of course it went on to make number one and the rest is history.
#9 1961: Those Oldies But Goodies - Nino and the Ebbtides. This nostalgic piece of doowop was also recorded by Little Ceasar and the Romans, but it was the Ebbtides version that crept into my top ten.
#1 1962: Lipstick Traces - Benny Spellman. An Allen Toussaint composed and produced piece of New Orleans brilliance which failed to chart and didn't even make it big in the US, despite having the almost equally strong Fortune Teller on the flip. Benny was the bass voice on Ernie K-Doe's Mother in Law and Ernie reciprocated on Lipstick Traces.
#6. 1962: Ya ya - Lee Dorsey. Another classic piece of New Orleans R&B (although recorded for Fury in New York), Ya Ya wasn't released in the UK at the time. It was later recorded by Joey Dee and countless others.
#2 1964: When you walk in the room - Jackie DeShannon. Those who saw her at Dingwalls recently will know how good a singer she is and how strong this record was - probably her best record of all.
#1. 1965: It's Wonderful to be in love - The Ovations. When I heard this for the first time I thought it was a new Sam Cooke 45. In fact it was the wonderful Louis Williams, lead singer of The Ovations, who recorded for Goldwax in Memphis. Another 45 that was not issued in the UK.
#6 1965: Incense - The Anglos. This is a great American sounding soulful record, but a curiosity. It was released on Chris Blackwell's short-lived Brit label and rumour had it that the singer was Steve Winwood, but he has apparently denied this. So who was it?


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