Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Going to the mine

I've been neglecting my blog recently so apologies if there are any readers out there (you never know with a blog unless someone leaves a comment). I've missed several gigs due to clashes with other engagements, including Wanda Jackson and Charlie Gracie last week and also Keith Woods' latest promotion with blues man Robert Penn. I gather it was very badly attended so I feel rather guilty about not going, but I fear that Keith may now give up his brave attempts at getting an audience for bluesmen and rock and rollers in London. It can't help being sniped at by Mr Checksfield who had some success attracting people to a small venue to see little known country singer Mary-Jean, whose only claim to fame is being related to Jerry Lee Lewis. I'm sure Keith doesn't want to hear what he should have done, where he went wrong, and how Mr Checksfield would have done it if he'd been the promoter. Anyway, I hope that Keith perseveres or that someone else takes up the challenge.
There have been fewer than average high profile music deaths over the last few weeks. There was a couple of blues artists in their nineties - so hardly a case of shock horror - but apart from them the only death that has caught my eye lately is Danny Flores, ths saxophonist who shouted 'Tequila!' on the Champs record.
I will not be going on the Tales From The Woods boat trip that Keith has organised this Sunday but at least I have a good excuse. I'm off to Salt Lake City tomorrow to look at a huge copper mine with some journalists, and then going to Vancouver for the weekend. Doubt if I will catch any live music but it will make a nice change.


At 8:51 am , Anonymous Hornsey Howler said...

Keith is not alone in suffering poor attendances at his gig. The promoters of Charlie Gracie's show at the 100 Club must have been disappointed at the size of its "crowd"; the place was around one quarter full. While Robert Penn, who put on an excellent show, is not widely known even in the blues world, Charlie Gracie is a reasonably big name in the rock'n'roll world.

Perhaps there just isn't a market for these older performers (with the exception of top names like Jerry Lee Lewis) outside the festival/weekender circuit.

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