Thursday, November 23, 2006

Robert Lockwood Jr

The last remaining link with the pre-war blues of Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson has ended with the death of Robert Lockwood Junior at the age of 91. An influence on B B King among others, his place in the blues pantheon was assured long ago, but he continued to perform and record into his late 80s. He was truly a blues legend and coming, as it does, so soon after the death of Ruth Brown, his death marks the end of yet another important chapter in 20th century music.
Footnote: There's an obituary of Robert Lockwood Jr in The Times of November 28th and a reminder that, with his, death, only three pre-war Delta bluesmen remain - Homesick James, Pinetop Perkins and David 'Honeyboy' Edwards.,,60-2474535,00.html


At 7:56 pm , Blogger Marcus Mikhail said...

We have Honeyboy Edwards at age of 91 playing the Blues. He was a friend of Robert Johnson too.


Marcus Mikhail

At 1:55 pm , Blogger Nick said...

Yes you're right. Long may he live. Any others?

At 8:10 pm , Blogger davidcwelker said...

living in cleveland, i've been fortunate to hear mr lockwood over the years. he will be truly missed by cleveland and blues fans all over the world.


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