Friday, December 01, 2006

You bid too much

Having been bidnapped on ebay in pursuit of a number of interesting records recently - admittedly some of them went for a lot more than I was prepared to pay - it came as a relief to actually having a winning bid the other day. The record in question was the US-only 'You talk too much' LP by Joe Jones, who had a massive hit with this slice of New Orleans R and B in 1960. His death almost exactly a year ago passed me by. He recorded his big hit for local label Ric, but it was picked up by Roulette, with whom he had recorded previously, who issued the LP. Joe had some of the New Orleans greats backing him, including Reggie Hall, Roy Montrell and Harold Battiste, but he never had another hit. He went to New York and helped establish the careers of the Dixie Cups and Alvin Robinson, as well as fighting for royalties for black acts. Joe didn't have a great voice, but his impact on the New Orleans R & B scene was considerable.


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