Monday, June 16, 2008

Ones that got away

After a gap of six months or so I've started advertising records on eBay again - mostly ones I already have, or which don't fit neatly into my collection. I've picked them up at boot sales for a pound or so and most of them have sold, although not for big prices. But I'm still kicking myself over the ones that got away: a bunch of ska singles that I somehow missed when I was looking through some records in a suitcase at a car boot a few weeks ago. The guy who bought them - only minutes later - quickly advertised them on eBay and they fetched some excellent prices. From Russia with Love by Roland Alphonso, on the Doctor Bird label, for example, sold for nearly £200. I'm gutted but I keep on hunting. Among the records I advertised were some Latin LPs by Celia Cruz (pictured) and a couple of less well known Brazilian artists. I thought they would be snapped up but I haven't had a sniff of interest.
I've been away in Quebec on business for a few days looking at aluminium smelters (exciting eh?) so haven't caught any gigs, although I'm seeing Solomon Burke at the Barbican in a couple of weeks, and there's Porretta two weeks later. Quebec was pretty and there was only one drawback - it was full of French Canadians. Not an immigrant in sight - not even an English speaking Canadian.
One recent death that I haven't mentioned (because I was in the US at the time) was that of Humphrey Lyttelton, who passed away aged 86. Humph's life is currently being celebrated on BBR Radio 4 with repeats of episodes of the classic I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, which he chaired for many years. A very funny show and a talented man. I'm no jazz fan, but I must admit I loved Humph's Bad Penny Blues from the late 50s.


At 10:33 pm , Blogger Dave C said...

The success of the Bad Penny Blues record was, in no small way, down to the production technique of Joe Meek. However, the fact that it did not faithfully reflect the 'live' sound of the band, was something with which Humph (although grateful for the hit) was not enamoured.

A recent death not receiving much mention is that of Bill Coday, who appeared in Europe a few years ago as 'warm-up' singer for Denise LaSalle at Utrecht and later, on his own, at Porretta. Perhaps you could pen a few words about him.

At 9:55 pm , Anonymous Nick said...

Thanks Dave for letting me know about Bill Coday's death. Sorry to hear it. I can certainly vouch for his brilliant performance at Porretta in 1998. A real deep soul man and a very under-rated one. Here's an interesting site, with an appreciation of Bill, and other soul greats who have died in recent months:


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