Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phil gets that sinking feeling

So Phil Spector has been found guilty of murder at his retrial, despite apparently spending $50m on his defence. It's a tragic end for a musical genius who gave so much pleasure to millions yet was plagued throughout his life by a form of madness and paranoia. His gun waving episodes were well known but in the case of Lana Clarkson it went too far and she paid with her life. I believe that Ronnie, who suffered at his hands probably more than anyone alive, expected him to be found not guilty. But guilty he is and we await the sentence, which is likely to be at least 18 years in jail - rather tough for a man of 69. Will he be remembered more for this murder than for his music? I don't think so. His wonderful Wall of Sound records with the Crystals, Ronettes, Righteous Brothers, Ike and Tina Turner and others will live forever, although much of his later work probably won't. It's a sad day for Phil - the man of a thousand hairdos (as illustrated in the various pictures taken over the years) - and an even sadder one for music.

* See my earlier blog about Phil's first trial entitled 'Getting away with murder?' written on September 19, 2007, when it looked like he would get off.


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