Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some more pictures from the album

Here are some more pictures from my various albums. First the great James Carr, thought by many to be the greatest soul singer of all time, pictured at Blackheath Concert Hall in 1996. Another spine chilling moment. He died in 2001. Here's another all time great - Ike Turner, who co-starred with Joe Louis Walker at Shepherds Bush Empire a few years back. This was a great show, topped only by his brilliant performance at Ronnie Scotts a few years later. Ike died in 2007.
Here's Andre Williams, who played the Blues Estafette at Utrecht in 1998 with the El Dorados. He performed mostly blues and doowop, unlike his show at the Luminaire last year.
Now, here are a selection of photoes from the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans in 2005. First here's Noklie Edwards, originally bass guitarist and later lead guitar with The Ventures.
This is the wild man of jump blues H Bomb Ferguson, who died in 2006.
Travis Wammack had a hit with Scratchy in 1964 and later played on many records at the Fame studio.
Scotty Moore backed Elvis from the very beginning and here he is at the Stomp. He backed Billy Swan (see photo below) who did an Elvis set and did it well. Billy's biggest hit was I Can Help.
The Rumble man Link Wray almost deafened the audience at the Stomp. But his moody, over powering guitar sound was as strong as ever. This was one of Link's last performances as he sadly died in November 2005.
This is early rockabilly performer Hayden Thompson - still a favourite with rock and roll fans.
Finally, here's Lady Bo, who was Bo Diddley's first female guitar player back in 1956.


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