Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vinyl Obscurities - 3

Continuing an occasional series on some of the more obscure records in my collection - this time three issued on Polydor in the mid 60s and two on Stateside.
1. Joey and the Continentals - Rudy Vadoo/She rides with me. Polydor BM 56520. Mint value: £85.
Joey (Porello) and the Continentals were a white doowop group from Cleveland who had a number of singles released in the US, but only one in the UK under that group name. Rudy Vadoo is a garage/freakbeat type rocker written by band member Gene Marotta, while the B side She Rides With Me was an excellent Brian Wilson composition. Released on the Claridge label in the US. 2. The G.T.O's - Rudy Vadoo/ She rides with me. Polydor 56721. Mint value: £75.
The Joey and the Continentals record had no impact in the UK, but the band changed their name to the G.T.O's (after their management company the General Management Organisation) and strangely it was released again under their new name shortly afterwards, also on Polydor. Once again it sank without trace.
3. The Holidays - I'll love you forever/ Makin' up time. Polydor 56720. Mint value: £125.
Recorded for Golden World records, this Don Davis production features Edwin Starr as lead vocalist. But he claimed in an interview that he was tricked into doing it and The Holidays did not really exist. Whether true or not, it's a great record. The B-side is a soulful instrumental.
4. Major Rowely - There's a riot going on/Do it the right way. Stateside SS 438. Mint value: £15.
This is a strange record - a version of the Robins' hit sung in a squeaky upper class English accent by someone claiming he was doing time for the Great Train Robbery. Released on Amy Mala in the US, it was produced by Shel Talmy, who also claimed to have written it. But who was Major Rowely? I've no idea, but it seems that UK band Tony Rivers and the Castaways sang and played on the record. B-side is a typical 60s British sounding beat number.

5. Prince Buster - Everybody ska/ 30 pieces of silver. Stateside SS 335. Mint value: £12.
This is the only Prince Buster 45 released on Stateside and just about the only one by him on a mainstream UK label. It was recorded by Amy in the US so perhaps there's a connection with Shel Talmy here as well, but I have no information.


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