Friday, May 11, 2012

A few final words

There are a couple of deaths to catch up on.
Lloyd Brevett was the double bass player with the Skatalities and was an influential early ska and reggae performer. Hits such as Guns of Navarone and Eastern Standard Time helped to pioneer the ska sound and when the band broke up, when trombonist Dn Drummond died, Lloyd continued with the Soul Brothers, later to become the Soul Vendors. He left the reformed Skatalites in 2004 and now only Lester Sterling of the original band remains. Lloyd was 80.
Rockabilly singer Larry Donn grew up in Arkansas in the fifties and released his first record Honey Bun in 1959. He recorded for Sun but no tracks were issued and he became a DJ. He was 70.
A final word, too, for hairdresser Vidal Sassoon who, as much as anyone, symbolised the style of the sixties. He made his brand global and became a millionaire - not bad for a Jewish boy from the East End. He was 84.

Here's a photo I took of Lloyd Brevett playing with the Skatalites at Dingwalls in 2003.


At 11:22 am , Blogger Dave C said...

A bit of trivia: Dingwalls was going by the name of Lock 17 at the time and the date was 27 November, which was a Thursday. I could tell you the admission price as I probably have a ticket somewhere in the loft - unless we paid on the door. That's enough trivia for one day (or more).


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