Sunday, October 20, 2013

King Biscuit photo gallery - last of my US trip

This is the last batch of photos from my latest US road trip, featuring some of the artists who played at the King Biscuit Festival in Helena, Arkansas. Some great acts, and a few so-so ones, but overall a highly enjoyable festival. I'm giving marks out of ten (happy to see comments agreeing or disagreeing.)
Day one. A regular at the festival, this is Sterling Billingsley. 5/10.
 This is Scatchy star Travis Wammack. 7/10.
More rock than blues, this is Hamilton Loomis. 3/10.
 New Orleans' finest, Walter 'Wolfman' Washington. 8/10.
 Heavy rock from Louisiana, this is Sonny Landreth. 5/10.
 Boogie woogie piano player - Marcia Ball.8/10.
 Day two. This is Reba Russell. 4/10.
 Mississippi Spoonman.I've heard more exciting spoon splayers in East End pubs. 4/10.
 This is Cedell Davis. Unfortunately he arrived too late to play.
 Soul/blues singer Sharrie Williams. 7/10.
 Anson Funderburgh with Big Joe Maher. 8/10.
 Star of day two - Gwen White. 10/10.
 Harmonica player Billy Branch. 7/10.
 Soulful bluesman Carl Weathersby. 9/10.
 Blues superstar Robert Cray. 8/10.
 Day three. Bob Margolin with Bob Stroger. 8/10.
 Dr Feelgood Potts. 6/10.
 Stars of the future, the Peterson Brothers. 7/10.
 Blues artists Bill Perry and Cash McCall. 8/10.
 Bill's daughter Shy, who has an album of her own. 7/10.
 Three blues singers watching Bill - can anyone name them all?
 Blind Mississippi Morris. 7/10.
 Joe Louis Walker. 8/10.
 Blues harmonica legend James Cotton. 7/10.
 Undoubted star of day three, Bobby Rush. 10/10.
Bobby wouldn't be Bobby without his booty girls demonstrating twerking to an appreciate audience.
 Final photo. A great trip all round.
Photos by Nick Cobban.


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