Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bob Day of the Allisons

Sorry to hear that Bob Day, one half of the Allisons, has died, aged 72. Along with his partner John Alford, the Allisons shot to fame in 1961 when they achieved second place in the Eurovision Song Contest with Are You Sure, a song which also made it to number one on the NME chart in the UK. A couple of follow ups, Words and Lessons In Love were minor hits, but other releases, What A Mess, Sweet and Lovely and I'll Cross My Fingers, were unsuccessful and the duo broke up in 1963. .
The pair didn't play together for many years before appearing at a Tales From The Woods promotion at the Water Rats pub in London in August 2011 and received a good reception from the crowd. The following January they were among the acts at the annual 2Is Tribute show at the Borderline in London, where they played their hit, along with Think It Over, Sheila, Hello Mary Lou, All I Have To Do Is Dream and, as an encore, La Bamba.
Here's a photo of them taken at the show.


At 10:29 am , Anonymous Peter Gold said...

Nice tribute Nick. Pete Gold.


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