Sunday, November 10, 2013

Soul divas

I've had the pleasure of seeing some great female soul singers this year, including several who are not well-known but really should be. Hopefully they will make it big in the future, and I will be rooting for them and keeping an eye on their progress.
First we have one of the stars of this year's Porretta Soul Festival, Falisa Janaye. Falisa is a southern soul singer from Mississippi and I reckon she has the looks, the voice and the personality to make it big.  The photo was taken at Porretta. Here's her recent single.
Next we have a lady who has starred at Porretta several times in the last few years - Toni Green. Memphis-born Toni has been around for a while and before going solo she backed up artists such as  Isaac Hayes, Luther Ingram, Millie Jackson and the Bar-Kays. Toni really turns on the soul and should by all rights be a big star. She is without doubt the real thing.
One of the highlights of my recent trip to the US was Gwen White, who I caught up with at the King Biscuit Festival in Helena, Arkansas.. She is a gorgeous lady who has a great Tina Turner style act and I can't understand why she isn't better known. There's nothing on Youtube that does her justice so you will just have to seek her out, if you get the chance. Update: I've uploaded my videoof her singing Repo Woman to Youtube:
Finally here's a lady who I had the luck to see in Jackson, Mississippi, on my trip - J J Thames (pronounced Timms, apparently, rather than the English way). JJ is a blues singer with a lot of soul in her voice and has the potential to go far. Definitely one to watch.


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