Thursday, November 14, 2013

Venturing onto Youtube

I often put links to Youtube onto The Vinyl Word when I'm featuring 45s in my collection, but sometimes I discover that the record I'm looking for isn't there. That seems surprising, considering that there are millions of Youtube links these days, but true nevertheless. So I've decided to rectify this by uploading records to Youtube myself, and also some of the videos I've shot at gigs in Europe and the States. Some of these I've already put on Facebook, so I am now adopting a multimedia approach, as Dave C rightly says. It's amazing how many outlets even a dinosaur like me has these days for my interests. The downside is that there is more and more competition out there. But since The Vinyl Word is averaging around 300 views per day now I must be doing something right. Keep on checking in!
So far I've put five videos and three records onto Youtube and here are the links. Apologies for any shortcomings in the technical quality: I'm still figuring out the best way of doing it and haven't mastered some of the aspects yet.
First some records that weren't previously on Youteube:
Here's King Size Taylor
Stranger Cole.
Willie Mays.
And some videos shot at recent gigs:
Gwen White.
Bobby Rush.
Roddy Jackson.
Irma Thomas.
Eddie Daniels.
There will be more to come so keep watching. And comments - on the blog or on Youtube - are more than welcome.


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