Monday, May 05, 2014

Ooh la Las Vegas

One of the great things about Viva Las Vegas was the number of glamorous women there, so I thought for a change I would post some photos of a few of these gorgeous females on the blog. Many are from the Burlesque Showcase which featured around a dozen burlesque artists, while the others are of some of the female visitors to the festival and, in particular, the Car Show.
First, here are several of the most impressive of the burlesque artists - Roxy D'Lite (not her real name I suspect). Don't know who the bloke in the mask is!
Here are a couple of a lady by the name of Ophelia Flame.
Here's one of an Italian burlesque artist called Angie Pontani.
And here's a rear view of a twirling couple called, I think, Peekaboo Pout and Gal Friday.
Finally, from the burlesque show, here is British performer Immodesty Blaise.
At the festival, here are a couple of glamorous ladies in leopard prints.
The car show featured a number of sexy models draped over the bonnets of various cars. Here are a couple of pix of a lady named Megan.
Finally, here is the hostess of the Pin Up competition and one of the contestants. Good set of tattoos!
Photos by Nick Cobban.


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