Saturday, June 07, 2014

Boom Boom Cannon is back

Freddy Cannon was the headliner on day 3 of the Screamin' Festival and very good he was too. Backed by Los Straitjackets he kicked off with Tallahassee Lassie and went through several of his many sixties hits - all personal favourites of mine - including Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Buzz Buzz A Diddle It, Palisades Park, Abagail Beecher and Action. I would have preferred more of his original numbers to versions of Shake Rattle and Roll, Little Queenie and Roll Over Beethoven, but it was great to see Freddy is still rocking, even if he isn't quite as explosive as in the old days.
Another highlight of the night was a Doowop showcase featuring a couple of numbers each by some of the acts on the bill, backed by the Velvet Candles. Highlights were I'm Blue by Sister Cookie, Think by Nico Duportal, Lonely Lonely Guy by Big Sandy, Sh-Boom by Freddy Velas and Ding Dong Daddy by Giselle, while other acts included Junior Marvel, Alex Vargas and the return of the great Tommy Hunt.
Young American R and B singer Gizzelle followed with a solo act which showed that she has the voice of a young Etta James. Highlights included stunning versions of Real Humdinger, Tough Love and duets with Alex Vargas on I Found A Love, Crawfish and If I Can't Have You.
Others acts on day 3 included the UK's Doel Brothers, whose Western swing style was infectious, and Spain's excellent instrumental act Los Mambo Jambo. Another great night and probably overall the best so far.
The final night - not a strong one - was brightened by Londoner Sister Cookie, a soulful rhythm and blues singer with a big voice. Backed by Los Mambo Jambo she was excellent on such numbers as Please Mr Jailor, the Little Eva b- side He Is The Boy and Bury Me Deep. Worth catching at The Blues Kitchen if you can. Other acts we caught on day 4 were hillbilly band The Starliters and a competent rockabilly man name of Don Cavalli.
Earlier John and I visited Freddy Cannon and his wife of 58 years Jeanette at his hotel and chatted about his life and career. He still performs about 20 times a year and recently recorded a song about the Boston Red Sox with Loa Straitjackets. He's excited about some work he's been doing with a Florida band called Rocky and the Rollers. They've recorded a shag tune called Beach Soul Music - and we were able to educate him about the alternative meaning of the word, much to his amazement. Look out for John's interview in Vintage Rock.
Nick Cobban.


At 1:03 pm , Anonymous John S said...

Sounds like it was a top festival. Haven't seen Tommy Hunt and need to rectify that as I love all the Flamingos stuff. Speak soon John


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