Monday, April 27, 2015

Ladies of Vegas

Here's a further batch of photos from Viva Las Vegas, this time featuring some of the females who were there.
Burlesque is one of the big attractions of the festival, as it seems to be at many rockabilly festivals these days. In my youth it was known as striptease. But this is different.. It's tasteful, it's artistic - not in any way seedy! And some of the burlesque artistes are gorgeous. My favourite was Pearl Noire.
Some of the others were also highly visual.
There was also a puppeteer, whose subjects included Barrack Obama and Michael Jackson.
Around the festival there were many women looking their best. Here are a few of them, starting with a lady named Sassy Cat.
This is Ruby Woo.
Finally, here's another photo of Pearl Noire.


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