Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gene Pitney dies aged 65

Sad news this morning that Gene Pitney was found dead in his hotel room in Cardiff during his UK tour. Gene has been making records and writing sings for 45 years and although many thought him dated and rather middle of the road he possessed a great voice, possibly second only to Roy Orbison among white ballad singers of the 60s. I liked many of his early records including his first releases Love my life away and Every breath I take, and later hits including, of course, 24 hours from Tulsa, If I didn't have a dime, That girl belongs to yesterday, Town without pity, Only love can break a heart and Mecca (you couldn't get away with the last one these days!) Gene managed to resurrect his career in the 80s and retained a faithful, mostly female, following right up to his death. It's sad to see yet another great 60s artist pass away and at the relatively young age of 65.


At 11:49 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have any of Gene Pitney's recordings, except for some duets he did with The Possum, George Jones. I have 4 or 5 of these on two albums.

I was pleasantly surprised at what an authentic Country sounding voice Gene had. Made a perfect accompaniment to George Jones' voice.


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