Monday, August 14, 2006

Not much shaking going on

Went to see Jerry Lee Lewis at the Shepherds Bush Empire on Saturday. It's a privilege to see the old boy performing these days because by rights he should have been dead years ago, given the excesses of his lifestyle over the decades. He can still chop those piano chords like no man alive and his voice is holding up well. But I left feeling just a little short changed for my £39 ticket (including booking fee). Jerry Lee was on stage for exactly 40 minutes, scarcely looked at or acknowledged the audience, concentrated on country rather than rock and roll, and left without doing an encore. All of these are of course known traits, but I have seen him put on more of a show when he has been enjoying himself, rather than going through the motions as he appeared to be on Saturday. It was good to see him, but at the rate of a pound a minute it was just a little on the dear side.


At 3:23 pm , Anonymous Soulboy said...

A £1 a minute must make him more profitable than BP. Must get some shares.


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