Monday, October 02, 2006

No sleaze in Salt Lake

I can safely say that Salt Lake City is not a centre for music and/or excitement. The weather on my trip was fantastic and the Bingham Canyon mine was awesome, but the city centre, attractive though it is, has a total lack of atmosphere. This is undoubtedly down to the Mormons, who even today make up two thirds of the population of Utah. There are a few restaurants but no bars to speak of and certainly no sleazy night clubs. A happy smily Mormon girl - Sister Hale - did her best to convert me and the journalists who I was there with, but it would take someone with the brain the size of a pea to believe all the claptrap that makes up the Church of the Latter Day Saints (LDS for short) religion. Apparently Robert Redford lives just outside of town in the ski resort of Sundance, where he hosts an annual film festival, but I doubt that he spends much time in the fleshpots of Salt Lake.
After Salt Lake I went up to Vancouver for a couple of days. There was similar weather there (first time I've been and it hasn't rained non-stop) but a very different kind of town. I didn't catch any music but there's plenty going on there. It's full of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Unfortunately I was so tired that I slept through most of it, and now I'm back in the UK where autumn appears to have sneaked in while I was away. It will be all downhill now for the next six months as we move into winter.


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