Sunday, November 12, 2006

Scouring the boot sales

The great thing about scouring car boot sales and charity shops for old records (as I have done for quite a few years now) is that you never know what you will pick up. For every collectable record there are many hundred pieces of shite so patience is a virtue. And I have learned that it's best to buy anything collectable if the price is right (ie very cheap), even if it's not for my own collection. I can always sell it on eBay if it's in decent nick. I didn't buy much this morning but what I got was quite interesting: namely a US-only Shirley Ellis LP called The Name Game after her 1965 hit, and Chris Montez's first and only London LP called Let's Dance and have Some Kinda Fun. The latter isn't in fantastic condition but it's certainly rare and it only cost me 50p. I also got Billy Fury's rarest 45 from 1959 - My Christmas Prayer. All in all, a worthwhile morning.


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